Talent Concept

Talent introduction and training: There are plans to attract, develop talents and reserve personnel, the establishment of internal talent of Jinghua .  70% management-level employees of Jinghua grow in special training, mentoring, training and incentives internal rotation, the formation of high-low combinations of talent training mode.

Staff management and development: jinghua committed to the future development of the strategic combination of business needs, for employees to create and develop their individual talents to do business development platform, providing support for the sustainable development of human capital Regent's.

★Excellent training


 A complete training system: pre-employment training, job training, business training and other outside;

★Perfect performance appraisal and promoti  on system

 A complete set of performance appraisal and promotion system: probation assessment, positive assessment, transfer Kong / promotion examination;

Learning and


 providing career development opportunities for colleague who likes learning and good at thinking; providing MBA expatriate academic studies and other development learning opportunities for core talent;

★Dream realized


 Through different business to establish professional work correctly disti nguish between multiple channels of talent development system to provide equity incentives for key personnel.

Employee benefits:

1、 The company has set up a charity fund for needy colleagues organize sympathy and loving care grant funds.

2、Employee benefits rich holidays (sick leave, maternity leave, annual leave, etc.).

3、To provide free meals, paid holidays gifts.

4、Carefully prepared monthly birthday parties for employees, an annual performance-based organization's annual collective tourism.

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