• 2015

    launched project construction of 200 acre production base in Jiangsu

  • 2014

    Guangdong Smith won the titleGuangdong famous brand enterprise”

    Shanghai Smith re-named Shanghai Smith Adhesive New Material Co.,Ltd.

    set up Jiangsu Smith New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. 


  • 2013

    Guangdong Smith was rated as Harmonious labor relations demonstration enterprise”

    Guangdong Smith was rated as Gaungdong Standardization Good Behavior Enterprise ”

  • 2012

    Zhejiang Jingxin Special Paper Co.,Ltd was set up

    Guangdong Smith was rated as Private Civilization Enterprise”

  • 2011

    Shanghai Smith was rated as "advanced enterprises in Songjiang District, Shanghai

    The establishment of the Industrial Tape Specialists(SuZhou) Co.,Ltd

    Establishment of Xiamen Office

  • 2010

    Establishment of Wuhan Office

    Shanghai Smith was identified as "high-tech enterprises in Shanghai"

  • 2008

    Establishment of Shanghai Smith Adhesive Tape Development  Co., Ltd.

  • 2007

    The establishment of the Electronics Division: Kunshan office

    Were rated as "Guangdong Province Clean Production Enterprise"

    Company drafted industry standard of crepe paper pressure sensitive adhesive tape

     industry audit by State departments, and implemented on January 1, 2008

  • 2006

    Were rated as "Guangdong Famous Trademark"

    ISO14001: 2004 environment management system certification

    Establishment of the Chengdu Smith Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd.

    The company was identified as Engineering and Technology Research and Development Center of Shantou

  • 2005

    Masking tape to obtain a utility model patent certificate

    Has been rated as "Guangdong High-tech Enterprise"

  • 2004

    Establishment of Yiwu Office

  • 2002

    The establishment of the Shanghai  Smith Adhesive tape Development  Co., Ltd.

  • 2001

    The establishment of Smith (Qingdao) Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd.

    ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification

  • 2000

    The establishment of the Electronic Division: Dongguan Jia Ling  office

  • 1994

    Shantou Smith Technology Co., Ltd. was established

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